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Tickets available online + at the Theater Box Office.

MIHFF Best of Fest  | June 14 | Aloha Theatre | Kona

Purchase tickets for individual screenings, listed below, OR an Access Pass for discounted access to both screening blocks.

Note: Due to venue separation, passes for Kona and Hilo must be purchased seperately and are non-transferable.  

Made-in-Hawai'i Shorts| 6:00 - 7:35pm, Friday 6/14

A block of ten Best in Fest made-in-Hawaii short films, including music videos, narrative and documentary.

Music video | 4 min | Directed by Dominik Walczuk



Music video | 4 min | Directed by Dominik Walczuk

A dance of time, this musical story weaves the past and present to showcase the growth of artist Nahko Bear.


August at Akikos + Kaumakaiwa|8pm - 9:35pm, Friday 6/14

Award-winning Big Island born feature film August at Akikos, preceded by short film Kaumakaiwa.



Doc | 3 min | Directed by Bradley Tangonan

Kumu Hula Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole demonstrates how hula and oli, or chanting, connects her to the land and the spirits therein.

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