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Water Like Fire

Feature | Drama | 90 minutes |

On her days off of work, Chanel finds herself at the beach. Her only source of comfort is between the waves and the sand. While surfing helps mend the emotional wounds of her parent’s death, Chanel still struggles to connect with her drug-addicted brother, Caleb. Then one day, Caleb is injured in a hit-and-run accident. While convalescing in the hospital, Chanel vows to help her brother heal his physical injuries and his drug problem. Memories of their parent’s surface while they are together and conversations about surfing binds them as one family. But while mending their broken relationship, another problem arises that challenges Caleb’s already broken spirit. WATER LIKE FIRE is a tale about the courage to walk through fire until you find peace.

Directed by Mitchel Merrick

HILO - Sunday 5/8 - 7:30 pm | GET TICKETS

KONA - Saturday 5/14 - 7 pm | GET TICKETS

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