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‘Ohana and ‘Āina: Connecting Family, Farming, and Freedom

Short | Documentary/Animation | 5:55

For almost 1,000 years Hawai‘i had a sophisticated agricultural system capable of producing over 1 million tons of food each year, according to research. That’s enough to feed almost everyone who lives on the islands today. But now, almost 90% of Hawai‘i’s food is imported. Join 16-year-old high school student Jade Onaka in Kona, Hawai‘i, as she explores her family’s history to learn about the farming practices that sustained Hawaiians for generations. Through her journey, Jade discovers a deeper connection to the land she calls home and how traditional Indigenous food systems might lead to a more sustainable future in Hawai‘i. Directed by Jade Onaka & Joel Serin-Christ

Sunday 5/8, 2:00 pm | GET TICKETS

KONA - Saturday 5/14, 2 pm | GET TICKETS


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