2018 Selections


Drama | 95 min | Directed by: Brian Kohne

On Maui, childhood friends Nohea and Kim share a common nemesis: Kim's father, Victor Coyle, a sociopath whose tools of trade include bribery and murder. Coyle blatantly exploits the land and the people he has managed to usurp and control, and hatches a scheme to control the island's water supply. Ancestral spirits and modern day warriors contribute to the fight as Nohea and Kim learn the most important lesson: kuleana is not a burden; it is a privilege.

Filmmakers in attendance:
       - Brian Kohne (director)


Adventure| 76 min | Directed by: Maggie VandenBerghe

Two friends from San Francisco set out on a Hawaiian car-camping excursion in search of adventure, Instagram likes, and the meaning of life. Along the way disaster ensues, their friendship is challenged and spiritual fulfillment is realized during an unlikely series of events culminating in a sacred dance ritual.

Filmmakers in attendance:
     - Maggie VandenBerghe (director)
     - Christina Storozkova (co-writer, co-editor)


Documentary | 6 minutes
Directed by: 
Lynn Pelletier, Malina Fagan

Set on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, “Reefs at Risk” explores the deadly effects some sunscreen chemicals have on coral reefs and marine life. In order to protect this fragile ecosystem, Hawaii bans the commonly used UV chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate and hopes that other states and nations will follow.

Filmmakers in attendance:
      - Malina Fagan (co-director)
      - Lynn Pelletier (co-


Drama| 23 min | Directed by: Brian L. Tan

HOLDOUT is based off the true story of a Japanese WWII Lieutenant who got left behind on an island in South East Asia after the war. He never got the memo that the war ended so he kept on fighting and only surrendered in the 1970s, nearly 30 years after the war ended. 

Filmmakers in attendance: 

     - Brian L. Tan (director)


Drama | 15 min | Directed by: Alika Maikau, Jonah Okano

In the heart of the pacific, five friends are tasked with a substantial decision, which forces them to examine their relationships amongst each other. On the island of O'ahu, Nainoa struggles to cope with the loss of his good friend.

Filmmakers in attendance:
Alika Maikau (co-director)


Fantasy| 3 min | Directed by: Fairai Richmond

A man and a woman hiking in the forest approach a mysterious glowing light that changes their lives forever.

Filmmakers in attendance:
       -  Fairai Richmond (director)


Documentary | 6 minutes | Directed by: Sky Bruno

Straight out of high school, brothers Wade and Kerry Tokoro had a passion for surfing that transitioned them into shaping boards for 30 plus years. Being in Hawaii we are so saturated by surf culture and the competition is immense, to counter the noise of the city or the daunting North Shore, Wade and Kerry have stayed true and continue to shape from their childhood home in Kahaluʻu. 

Filmmakers in attendance:
      - Sky Bruno (director)


Webseries, comedy| 13 min | Directed by: Jeffrey Orig

Waikiki PD is a comedy where the police officers of Honolulu’s most under-funded department must solve crimes like prostitution, jaywalking, and smuggling fruit. 

Waikiki PD is like 'The Office' set in a Honolulu police station. 


Thriller / Fantasy | 8 min | Directed by: Jorge Monteallegre

From a haunted hospital to a vacant highway, this surreal exploration of the darker sides of the mind takes one man back to his roots and asks, what is real?

Filmmakers in attendance:
       - Jorge Monteallegre (director)
       - Fairai Richmond (producer)
       - Jannis Ortegon (director of photography)


Thriller, drama | 45 min | Directed by: Robin Rihl

Randy, an antisocial drug dealer in college, faces an existential crisis when his abusive relationship with his boss pushes him over the edge.

Filmmakers in attendance:
      - Robin Rihl (director)


Horror| 36 min | Directed by: Derek Frey

Industry hasn’t destroyed all the sacred spaces in the world. In Hawai'i pockets of magic still exist. And so do those that protect them. 


Horror | 5 min | Directed by: Roselio Hernandez, Tara West

A girl discovers a peculiar substitute for her misplaced eye glasses.

Filmmakers in attendance:
Roselio Hernandez (co-director)
      - Tara West (co-director)


Music Video| 4.5 minutes | Directed by: Michael Sato
Choreography by: Nadia Schlosser  

This dance piece is dedicated to people who work hard and love harder

Filmmakers in attendance:
Michael Sato (director)
      - Nadia Schlosser (choreographer)


Music Video | 3 min | Directed by: Jeremiah Lofgreen
Music by: Chris Berry & Matt Williams

This song tells the story of loss, hope and the powerful message we are hearing from Pele. Like Pele we are trying to create new beginnings while the old is being burnt away.

Filmmakers in attendance:
      - Jeremiah Lofgreen (Director)


Music Video | 7 min | Directed by: Derek Frey 
Music by: Trever Veilleaux

 A breakup 225 million years in the making. 

Filmmakers in attendance:

      - Trever Veilleaux (Musician)


Music video | 2.5 min | Directed by: Brian L. Tan

In Hawaii, adventure knows no bounds. This video offers an electric look at some of Hawaii's most stunning places.


Music video| 4.5 min | Written & directed by: Drew DanielsMusic by: Drew Daniels, Michael Surprenant, Markus Mars, Sarah Bethany, Matt Spencer, Nikhil Narahari 

Our New Life tells the story of a rural community on the Big Island of Hawai'i devastated by the 2018 lava flows that abruptly erupted in the middle of the Leilani Estates neighborhood, taking out hundreds of homes, displacing thousands and covering sacred landmarks as it continues to travel miles on her quest to the ocean.


Documentary | 73 min | Directed by: Steven Roby

A unique portrait of the music scene on the island of Hawai'i, including how local musicians find ways to follow their passion.

Featuring North Kohala slack key master John Keawe, Grammy winner Charles Michael Brotman, Hilo all-star Bub Pratt, 40-year music director of the Honoka‘a Jazz Band, Gary Washburn, and more.

Filmmakers in attendance:
      - Steven Roby (director)


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